• Powerful Platform Built for

    Businesses & Contact Centers

    Transform Your Average Reps into Top Performers
    while tracking, monitoring, and measuring every
    stat you care about from anywhere, anytime guaranteed!


    "What's Happening Now!"

    You're losing across-the-board

    Underperforming Debt Collection Software


    It hurts to carry such a big overhead and not hit your targets because of underperforming reps.

    Overpaying Collection Software


    It's too expensive and time-consuming to pay for different software that doesn't even work nicely together.

    In the Dark Call Center Software

    In the Dark 

    Not knowing what your team is doing or having any control over their performance is killing your bottom line.

  • How You Win Big

    Get the System Built For You

    No Annoying Fees - NOLA

    No Annoying Fees

    Say goodbye to long software contracts, paying for seats, and all the annoying hidden costs that add up quickly.

    All in One Place - Omnichannel

    All in One Place

    Finally, everything you want together: your CRM, dialer, analytics, broadcasts, IVR campaigns, and more.




    Even your lowest-performing reps will be able to put up the numbers you've always wanted from them.


  • How It Works

    Fast, Friendly, Cost-Effective

    Current Debt Collection Systems

    Figure Out Why Your Current Systems Aren't Cutting It

    You're probably using multiple different software and programs and it's time-consuming, problematic, and very expensive

    (Find out how big you'll be saving)

    Fee Waived Dialer

    Get Every Fee Waived When You Switch, Seriously

    Set up fees, monthly seat fees, software fees... we're waiving them all. Just pay for your usage and enjoy your work life again

    (This is a game-changer)

    Big Numbers

    Watch Your Team Put Up Bigger Numbers Than Ever

    Imagine your entire team is armed with all the tools they need to put up record numbers, consistently while you watch from anywhere

    (Hit your targets, finally)

    Customized System

    Customized For You and Always Improving

    We work individually with you to make sure you have every feature you need configuring exactly how you want it

    (Our support team is world-class)

  • This is a God Send. Lower cost and way more features. I'm finally hitting my quotas.

    -Sarah, TNT Agency, Buffalo


    NOLA is Great for sales agents calling & texting, emailing in an all-in-one powerful platform. 

    We can help transfer your cost center to a customer-first profit center

  • About the NOLA TEAM

    Our Core Values


    • Forward Thinking 
    • Passionate
    • Curiosity
    • Innovation
    • Transparency
    • Family
    • Data Nerds


    • Boring

    • Conformists

    • Conventional

    • Close Minded

    • Judgemental

    • Cliche

    • Stereotypical

  • Our Core. Our Mission at NOLA.

    Automating communication across all channels with customizable features tailored to the wants of your client base while also managing your business needs on one easy-to-use all-in-one platform. We happily serve Business to People to Business!

  • Our Ideal Clients


    NOLA works with PEOPLE who want to improve the lives of the business teams they lead. Our goal is to advance lives and show the teams' value that supports the front line of contact centers worldwide. This is why we focus our efforts on helping companies with values that align with our own.

    Debt Collectors using NOLA

    Debt Collections

    (Find out how big you'll be saving)

    NOLA Debt Collection Software was specifically designed to manage remote agents, clients, portfolios, payments, IVR, phone, SMS, email, video chat, all in one platform.

    Call Centers using NOLA

    Call Centers

    (Our support team is world-class)

    NOLA allows you to transform your average reps into Top Performers while tracking, monitoring, and measuring every stat you care about anywhere, anytime, guaranteed.
    Financial Lenders using NOLA

    Financial Industry

    (Hit your targets, finally)

    NOLA is ideally for lenders with managing active lines of credit, payday loans, MCA Loans, RTO, BHPH.

    Other industries we serve


    Small Business

    Solar Companies

    Warranty Companies

    Sales Companies

    Loan Companies

    Legal Collections

    Telemarketing Companies

    Sales Companies

    Marketing Companies

    SEO Companies

    Contact Centers

    Customer Service Companies

    Car Dealerships

    Roofing Companies

    Doctor Offices






    Republican Candidates

    Democrat Candidates

    Political Campaigns

    Insurance Companies

    Charitable Organizations


    Real Estate Companies

    Cruise lines

    Travel Agents



    Credit Unions

    Business Loan Companies

    Medical Clinics

    Dental Offices

    Billing Departments

    Medical Billing

    and more...

  • Yes, It's Designed For You

    The Busy, No-Nonsense Team Leader

    No Investment or Upfront Cost Guaranteed

    We've got you covered. 

    We cover ALL costs to set up, configure and train you on your entire system.

    You're Safe and Sound

    Compliant and Ethical

    You get built-in protection, so your team stays within the law but can perform at the highest level.

    Pay as You Grow

    The way it should be.

    No annoying contracts. Just cover your usage so you're able to ramp up at your own speed.

  • Everything You Want

    Under One Dashboard, Finally

    Birds-Eye-View Analytics

    See Everything From Anywhere 24/7

    Imagine being able to see every detail of everyone's performance and being in total control

    Stay Hyper-Connected

    Internal Communications

    You get built-in protection so your team stays within the law but is able to perform at the highest level

    Omni-Channel Outreach

    Reach Out Every Way Possible

    Calling, texting, Voicemails, social media, emails... using your highest-performing campaigns

    Best Technology

    What You've Always Wanted

    Built-in IVR, Predictive dialer, big broadcasts, local number display, conversation tagging, call whisper, barge in, payment negotiator, and much more

  • Sick of paying for extra costs for add-ons?

    NOLA Omnichannel standard features built-In


    ✓ Voice Broadcast
    ✓ Power Dialer
    ✓ Predictive Dialer
    ✓ Inbound Blended Dialer
    ✓ Press 1 Campaign
    ✓ Text Enabled Dialer
    ✓ Ringless Voice Campaigns
    ✓ Retargeting
    ✓ Deaf (TDD)
    ✓ Dynamic CallerID
    ✓ Cell Phone Scrub


    ✓ Mass Texting
    ✓ Text Messaging
    ✓ Peer to Peer Texting
    ✓ Website Chat
    ✓ Social Media Chat
    ✓ Internal Chat, Video, Phone
    ✓ Internal File Sharing
    ✓ Internal Video Conference
    ✓ Video Chat
    ✓ Reply Back Messaging
    ✓ Artificial Intelligence (AI)


    ✓ Email Scheduling
    ✓ Text Messaging
    ✓ Phone Reminders
    ✓ Drip Campaign \Trigger, Delay,
    ✓ Retargeting
    ✓ RVD Scheduling
    ✓ Appointment Reminders

    Admin Dashboard

    ✓ KPI Call Center Tracking
    ✓ Agent Tracking
    ✓ Agent Time Management
    ✓ Payment Tracking / Reporting
    ✓ Portfolio Management
    ✓ Payment Reminders
    ✓ Inbound IVR
    ✓ Predictive IVR
    ✓ Intelligent Routing System
    ✓ Call Whisper and Barge in
    ✓ Broadcast KPI Tracking
    ✓ Live Agent Call Monitoring


    What are NOLA products?

    We built NOLA initially to help solve our own problem in the recovery industry. Still, it is built for any business or call centers with a sales team or anyone looking to manage clients using an all-in-one platform.

    Does your software provide multi-channel communication for consumers?

    Short answer. yes. We are an Omnichannel CRM software which means we have multichannel integrated old school Fax, IVR, Broadcast, Predictive, Phone, Email, SMS, Ringless, Web chat, Video, etc.

    Is your system flexible enough to allow me to adapt to new clients?

    Short answer. yes. We built the software for ease of use onboarding & scalability

    Will your software allow me to adapt to the regulations of our industry?

    Our system comes with the tools necessary to create compliance tracking files and fields within the database.

    Do your current clients have a voice as to how your software should perform?

    Short answer. Absolutely! Before adding new updates to NOLA, we ask our sounding board console, "Our Clients," and all are involved in the improvement process.

    Does NOLA have an integrated dialer?

    Short answer. Absolutely! We started as an autodialer software, then we just got Curious George with it :) and kept building.

    Do you offer a web portal for consumer payments?



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